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The 2019 BMX World Championship will be held in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. The championships will take place from 23-28 July 2019. This will be the 24rd World Championship event that will be held and it will be held under the watchful eye of the UCI which is an acronym for the Union Cyclist Internationale. The UCI is the body that governs the sport and the winner will be the UCI BMX Cycling 2019 World Champion. Heusden-Zolder is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Limburg near Hasselt. Every year, it hosts rounds of the Telenet UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup and of the UCI BMX World Cup. In 2019, Heusden-Zolder will also host the UCI BMX World Championships.There are very good facilities and an increased interest in cycling in the area. The track in Heusden-Zolder is a world-class facility and promises to ensure that there will be very exciting races during the championships. Whoever is crowned as the World Champion will be worthy of the title. The inaugural European Games was held in Heusden-Zolder which was attended by the UCI officials, they felt that the track and facilities were fit to host a large BMX event.

Heusden-Zolder BMX Track at A Glance:

Country  Belgium
Province Limburg
Region Flanders
Area 53.23 km2
Population (1 January 2016) 33,011
 Population density 620/km2
 Bicycle Modal Share/Trips by bike – Flanders
Current (2015)

BMX-live-TV 2018-baku-bmx-clive-coverage

Date: July 23rd 2019 to July 28th 2019
Venue: Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
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Who are Interested to Watch BMX World Championship 2019 ?

There is a lot of interest among young people in BMX racing and it has amateur as well as professional riders participating in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium. The  Heusden-Zolder was recently completed three different projects to improve bike lanes and bicycle junctions, while upcoming projects include new protected bike lanes, a levelled bicycle highway, a UCI-standard velodrome at Circuit Zolder, and more charging stations for e-bikes located next to local cycling routes and cycling cafes, to meet all the youngest standards and it was used by riders from all across the world to prepare for the Championships. This also further stimulated the interest in the sport and event. There are an estimated 2000 riders from more 50 countries that will participate in the event. There is going to be a lot of live BMX action going to take place and if it is possible it must not be missed.

A complete guide for BMX Live Streaming Online

If you cannot be there in Heusden-Zolder you don’t have to despair there is always the nice option of purchasing a BMX live streaming subscription to the 2019 BMX World Championship in Heusden-Zolder for the duration of the event. The subscription will ensure that you don’t have to miss any moment of the championship and as long as you are online you can watch the event in real time. You will also have access to information and the program of the Championships. You can read about teams and riders and be informed at all times. It will be well worth it to enjoy BMX live online.

How and Where to Watch BMX World Championship 2019 Live?

BMX-live-TV 2018-baku-bmx-clive-coverage

Date: July 23rd 2019 to July 28th 2019
Venue: Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
Streaming Coverage:
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The accreditation center will open on 20 July 2019, on 21 July the track will be opened for riders and spectators to be viewed. On 22 July 2019, there will be practice rounds for different teams in the respective groups and the Championship will start in the Challenge and Masters categories from 23 to 28 July 2019. Make sure that you miss nothing of this exiting BMX event by subscribing for your BMX live stream service.

The 24rd BMX World Championship in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium will be live streamed on the website to ensure that you miss nothing. The advantages to you are that you don’t have to miss a moment unlike waiting to watch a few snippets on certain TV stations or just read something in a newspaper. Our BMX live stream will put you in the moment, in Belgium at the 2019 BMX World Championship and the links on our website will give you the latest news or profiles of countries participating and their riders. Enjoy BMX WC 2019 online.

2018 Baku BMX: Watch BMX Live on Smart TV, PC, iPhone & Android

Baku BMX Live tv
BMX World Championship is soon going to be held in the capital city of Azerbaijan named Baku. In this world championship, bicycle racing are held. This year it is going to be conducted in the time period of 23rd May to 27th May. If you are a person who is crazy about watching bike racing to be held between different countries then our website is the right place where you must visit. BMX live tv will be conducted on our website thereby covering the live world championship program from top to bottom.

How and Where to Watch BMX World Championship 2018  Live?

BMX-live-TV 2018-baku-bmx-clive-coverage

Date: June 5th 2018 to June 9th 2018
Venue: Baku,  Azerbaijan
Streaming Coverage: Get BMX Live Streaming Here


What is BMX World Championship?

It is a bike racing competition which is vigorously held under the governance of the Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI). UCI is the international regulating body for sports. The bike racing competition is actively held every year and the conquering hero of this event is honored with a BMX Cycling World Champion. The cycling festival is being held for three days. A colorful t-shirt and a gold medal are awarded to the winner. Contestants who are coming in second and third are awarded silver and bronze medals.

Which are the countries who participate in this cycle racing competition?

Around fifty-six countries are actively participating in BMX every year. The names include United States, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Colombia, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Latvia, Japan, Norway, and the list continues. If you want your team whom you are supporting to win you must watch BMX live tv on our website.

How are the tracks designed for Baku BMX 2018?

Baku BMX Live lets you see the design of the tracks where the actual competition is going to take place. The competition starts with the two beginning hills. A competitor is bound to face a confronting line at an altitude of five meters. The pro line starts at eight meters. The total length of the track is 390 meters which cover both the beginning line and the end line. Whereas the width of the tracks are 10.5 meters. The breadth of the tracks actually begins to widen after the beginning of the hills and the challenge lines. The width nears to seven meters when it comes to the second and the third bend. The breadth of the finishing line is seven meters.

Baku BMX Track

How is the visa issued for BMX World Championship 2018 to the competitors so soon?

BMX live also lets you know how the visas are issued to the competitors so early. It will cost a participant only three days to generate an e-visa in three business days. 20 USD+3 USD is required to be paid for each competitor. The payment is only complete after following three important procedures. This Visa is applicable only for a period of thirty days.

The weather of the country can be observed through Baku BMX Live. Neither are the summers too warm nor the winters are extremely cold. Winds keep on blowing all around the year. The blowing of the winds named the city as “city of winds”.

Participants are also made aware that if they are interested in staying with the country’s government prescribed inns then they are provided with the luxury of free transportation.

The racing of the cycles will sound crazy to you but watching Baku BMX Live will send a chill down your spine. The sort of actions that takes place while racing is extraordinary. It’s worth watching. Bikers belong to all ages and both men and women participate in it.

How and Where to Watch BMX World Championship 2018  Live?

BMX-live-TV 2018-baku-bmx-clive-coverage

Date: June 5th 2018 to June 9th 2018
Venue: Baku,  Azerbaijan
Streaming Coverage: Get BMX Live Streaming Here

Our website is charging a minimal fee for subscription. We are looking forward to as many subscriptions as possible. BMX live will be covered by us in all aspects. The website is designed in such a way that it is easier for an audience to find the BMX show very quickly. The interface is user-friendly. Apart from that you also get an insight about BMX which many of us didn’t even know. Sports freak people will definitely love to watch such a gaming episode after they return back home from a hard day. The streaming is continuous and you will be shown earlier episodes on Baku BMX Live as per your wish. There is no obligation as to what you should watch.

2018 BMX World Championship Live Stream, Venue and it’s History

Baku BMX 2018 Track
Baku BMX 2018 Track

BAKU BMX 2018: Final Destination of all Bicycle-Motor Cross Participants

In just over a month, all roads lead to Baku, Azerbaijan and while this might be a beautiful city, one rich in ancient history, and a favorite to visit for the holiday. All roads will be leading there for only one reason, to watch one of the most exciting events of the year; The 2018 BMX World Championship. An event held only three days a year and only once a year. As the world crowns the next World BMX Champion. All fans can watch BMX Live Streaming online from www.bmxlivetv.net

BMX-live-TV 2018-baku-bmx-clive-coverage

Date: June 5th 2018 to June 9th 2018
Venue: Baku,  Azerbaijan
Streaming Coverage: Get BMX Live Streaming Here

The stage is set; the competitors are well prepared, and the audience is getting ready to see all the action and as we know when this event goes down, memorable things tend to happen.

What are the prizes of BMX World Championship?


The winner gets crowned the World Champion, gets a gold medal, and a rainbow jersey. One they get to wear for the whole years until the next Champion claims it. For the second and third place contenders, they get to walk away with silver and a bronze medal, respectively.

How many Category are there in BMX World Championship 2018?

The event goes down in two categories, the Elite men, and Elite women. Both of which must produce the world champions. Spectators will be entertained by elite men and women from all over the world represent their nations in the bicycle motorcross.

When BMX World Championship 2018 schedule?

The three-day cycling event begins on the June the 5th and runs all the way to June the 9th, 2018. Three days of pure joy, excitement, and entertainment for its spectators and three days of toil, hard work, and passion for the elite racers.

How and Where to Watch BMX World Championship 2018  Live?

BMX-live-TV 2018-baku-bmx-clive-coverage

Date: June 5th 2018 to June 9th 2018
Venue: Baku,  Azerbaijan
Streaming Coverage: Get BMX Live Streaming Here

With the most decorated riders from all nations meeting in one place and competing for the same award, memorable things tend to happen and records are set. Almost every year sees a new Champion and we can’t wait to see what 2018 has installed for us. You will get live coverage of BMX 2018 Online here

A brief history of the BMX World Championship:


The event (BMX) that started in the U.S in the early 70’S has now grown into an Olympic having started from a humble beginning of kids playing it to imitate a cross-country motorsport. The kids who could not participate in motorsports would mark tracks and have plates on their bikes. The term BMX is an abbreviation that stands for Bicycle-Motor Cross Although the sport can also be dated to Europe, its popularity and perfection was achieved in the United States.

Around 1970 is when the first BMX race was organized in the USA, and the sport quickly garnered popularity. The foundation was set and even associations were formed and official races been organized. By 1978 the first BMX World Championships were held.

Soon, the races were being broadcasted and getting an international audience; it was clear at this point that BMX was going to be big.

In 1996 the association in charge of the sport was taken over by UCI (Union Cyclist International) the world governing body for cycling.

UCI -BMX International Organization

The game now involves jumps, curves and many more testing grounds for speed, accuracy, and control. The fastest from the starting line to reach the finish line is announced as the winner. The winner has to be sharp both in mind and physically, making turns as fast and as accurate as possible while ensuring they know the ground well. Knowing where to jump, how high, and where to curve and at what angle. The whole race requires one to work hard and thin ahead all under the pressure of knowing you are competing with the best from all over the world.

Things to know form BMX World Championship 2017:

The BMX World Championship now remains a popular and exciting sport with millions of fans around the world and even though this year it will be held in a city it has never been before, last year the ground was familiar. It saw the competition go back to its place of origin, the United States of America.

Last year saw the title go to Sharrah Corben win the men’s Elite Championship and Post Alice win the women’s Elite Championship. The event held in Rock-hill, United States saw some of the most stunning performance in recent years and the same enthusiasm is expected to run across to the city of Baku in the Baku BMX live. With superb spectacles been witnessed in 2017, 2018 couldn’t be more exciting and the anxiety grows day by day.

The reason behind selecting BAKU as 2018 BMX World Championship Venue:

The event saw 244 cyclists taken from 34 Nations compete for the BMX World Championship in 4 events and the same numbers are expected in the Baku BMX live Championship. Bringing the Elite of the elite in the cycling world, all eager to prove and hold the honor of their respective countries. This event brings worldwide attention in BMX live tv with millions following every move. It’s an event that captures the attention and imagination of people all over the world and it will all be happening in Baku BMX live this year. Every minute and every second will be one to savor.

The city of Baku which represents the old world and cultural and historical siting has the track set. A track that will see some spectacular performances from the very best from all over the world.
The set track has all the great challenges that will have the racers on their toes and with their eyes set on the world champion title, the concentration will be immense and the work intense. As for the spectacles, every second will be a spectacle to watch.

The event that now crosses over to Europe will bare so much more as the winners from the 2017 race try to defend their win and new challengers set their eyes on the prize, and all action will be accessible on the BMX live tv.

The race brings drama, excitement, and passion. Only three days a year can we witness this rare festival and every bicycle motorcross race lover will have to clear their schedule from 5th June to watch it. This event will be one just like the last BMX live, and in one word, memorable.

With the date of the BMX World Championship fast approaching, racers can only put final touches on their skills in preparation for the throw-down while the fans get their tickets to behold the spectacle that is the BMX World Championship 2018.  All fans are cordially invited to  watch BMX Live Streaming online from this website. Don’t forget to subscribe now!!

2018 BMX Hall of Fame Nominations Selection Process

2018 National BMX Hall of Fame has opened up nominations for the class of 2018 BMX competitions. So it’s a great opportunity for all the interested cyclist who is eagerly waiting to participate in this mega event. this post is written for all the people who have been waiting for so long.


Basically, there are 6 categories open for nomination. nomination categories are given below:

1. BMX Pioneer Event
2. BMX Racer Event
3. BMX Industry Event
4. BMX Early freestyle Event
5. BMX Freestyle Event
6. BMX Women Event

National BMX Hall of Fame 2018 Nominations Criteria

The main consideration of Hall of Fame Nominations is finding the people who have made a huge impact on the BMX sporting events. Participants contribution would be through competition, performance, contributions or accomplishments.
Another consideration for selecting nominees in the Pioneer, Racer, Woman, Early Freestyle, and Freestyle categories are necessary to be a minimum of 40 years of age or retired from professional competition for at least 5 years. BMX Industry category nominees may participate in the BMX industry competitions.

2018 BMX Hall of Fame Automatic nominations

There is a provision of automatic nomination to participate BMX Hall of Fame. Every year four participants from the previous year are automatically qualified to join next competition. So by applying this rules, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winner from each category will be qualified in the upcoming BMX Hall of Fame. For your convenience, the automatic nominees from last years are given below:

– BMX PIONEER: Stanley Robinson, Brian Ramocinski, and Mark Wegener
– BMX RACER: Danny Nelson, Dale Holmes, and Randy Stumpfhauser
– BMX INDUSTRY: Bob Morales, Howie Cohen, and Brian Scura
– BMX EARLY FREESTYLE: Rick Moliterno, Kevin Jones, and Jeff Watson
– BMX WOMAN: Debbi Kalsow, Melanie Cline, and Jamie Lilly

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