2018 BMX Hall of Fame Nominations Selection Process

2018 National BMX Hall of Fame has opened up nominations for the class of 2018 BMX competitions. So it’s a great opportunity for all the interested cyclist who is eagerly waiting to participate in this mega event. this post is written for all the people who have been waiting for so long.


Basically, there are 6 categories open for nomination. nomination categories are given below:

1. BMX Pioneer Event
2. BMX Racer Event
3. BMX Industry Event
4. BMX Early freestyle Event
5. BMX Freestyle Event
6. BMX Women Event

National BMX Hall of Fame 2018 Nominations Criteria

The main consideration of Hall of Fame Nominations is finding the people who have made a huge impact on the BMX sporting events. Participants contribution would be through competition, performance, contributions or accomplishments.
Another consideration for selecting nominees in the Pioneer, Racer, Woman, Early Freestyle, and Freestyle categories are necessary to be a minimum of 40 years of age or retired from professional competition for at least 5 years. BMX Industry category nominees may participate in the BMX industry competitions.

2018 BMX Hall of Fame Automatic nominations

There is a provision of automatic nomination to participate BMX Hall of Fame. Every year four participants from the previous year are automatically qualified to join next competition. So by applying this rules, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winner from each category will be qualified in the upcoming BMX Hall of Fame. For your convenience, the automatic nominees from last years are given below:

– BMX PIONEER: Stanley Robinson, Brian Ramocinski, and Mark Wegener
– BMX RACER: Danny Nelson, Dale Holmes, and Randy Stumpfhauser
– BMX INDUSTRY: Bob Morales, Howie Cohen, and Brian Scura
– BMX EARLY FREESTYLE: Rick Moliterno, Kevin Jones, and Jeff Watson
– BMX WOMAN: Debbi Kalsow, Melanie Cline, and Jamie Lilly

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